Real revival…don’t settle for anything less!


Traveling to churches as a speaker, I often explain to pastors, “I can’t bring a revival in my briefcase.”  For true revival to take place, the body of Christ must pray and earnestly seek the Lord’s presence.

On three occasions I have been present at meetings in which the presence of God literally came over the whole place.  I well recall these instances in which a “holy hush” would come over the room. Once at a youth camp; two other times in churches.  These experiences are unforgettable, and we saw large numbers of salvations, repentance of sin, prayer, and testimonies.  When God is present, time seems to stand still.  Prayer and worship lasted over four hours, though it only seemed like minutes.

No, we can’t humanly contrive a real move of God, though (as many have observed) we can “set our sails” to catch the wind of the Spirit!  A true move of God is precipitated by prayer, repentance of sin, fasting, and calling out to the Lord in desperation for his presence.  If you’ve ever been in the presence of the visitation from the Holy Spirit- real revival- you’ll never be satisfied with anything less!  May the Lord put within each of us an insatiable desire to see an historic visit from God in our lifetime!


Alex McFarland is an apologist (one who speaks on the evidence for the Christian faith), evangelist, and writer.  He is founder of Truth For A New Generation, an annual worldview conference featuring speakers such as Josh McDowell, Lee Strobel, and others.  His websites are: and

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