From Pastors:

“I have been reminded of His call on my life as an intercessor and have recommitted to being a ‘House of Prayer’ – personally, in our marriage, in our family, and in the church that I pastor.”

“I came to this conference planning my exit strategy from the pastorate. I leave with a burning heart and refocused vision. It has seemed that the Lord put a megaphone to my heart and shouted, then at the same time whispered so softly that I opened every vessel to hear so I did not miss a word.”

“Revival must begin with the pastor (me). I am the one who has held back revival in our church because of fear – fear of man, fear of not distinguishing God’s voice.”

From Conference Attendees:

“I have been encouraged to prepare my heart for revival but also to be the voice calling for revival in my church, my community, and my ministry.”

“God has reaffirmed His call to me to prayer and specifically to pray fervently and persistently for revival.”

“The Lord has used this week to really give me a time to let God speak. I was convicted over my prayerlessness, disobedience to actively share the gospel and to spread the truth that’s been given to me. It’s given me a much needed ‘heart cleansing’ and opportunities to be drawn into prayer – near to the heart of God.”

“He has encouraged me by reminding me that revival and spiritual awakening in this country are not only possible but also probable.”

“How lukewarm my heart has been. To pray well we must seek the Lord’s heart. Be still before Him and give Him the reverence of a listening ear. Then pray for all that you have heard from Him.”

“Overall the Lord has drawn me closer to Him and has refreshed my spirit.”

“God has restored a fire in me to go out and share Christ throughout my community – to in turn ignite a fire there and to invite the Spirit of God to thrive once again in America. He has shown me that He is willing, but that it is me who almost lost hope. Thanks be to God that the fire has been rekindled.”

“I came to rest. I leave with a destination! God revealed a new level of my role in participating in God’s desire to revive His church, and the church to love the lost.”